Senior Texture Artist


I am a highly motivated texture artist with an extensive experience in texturing / surfacing and solid skills in modeling. I've been working in feature films since 2005 and I have previous experience in video games, cinematic trailers, commercials and other movies.

An important part of this experience has been focused into environment work, with a procedural workflow approach for flexibility /eficiency and handcrafted details for a more realistic results. I applied these techniques sucessfully into other taks like vehicles, props, vegetation and clothing.

I am continuosly leaning and exploring different software and techniques to improve all aspects of my work, taking advantage of the capabilities of modern software to create libraries and re-using / sharing complex materials across different projects.

Substance Painter
Substance Designer



High School and three years at the University.



2003 - 2004: commercials, animated movies (Hasbro),
                       TV movies (Disney).

2000 - 2003: cinematic trailers (video games).

1994 - 2000: video games.


Senior Surfacing Artist (Environment) | Skydance Animation Madrid
Granada (remote), December 2020 - Present
  • Creating UVs, textures and shading for buildings, objects, props, vehicles etc.
  • Adding realistic details to other objects (like stickers, graffiti, painted details etc.)
  • Creating a variety of smart materials in Substance Painter, based mostly in procedurals and tileable textures, to speed up the texturing of similar materials .

Senior Texture Artist (Environment) | Marza Animation Planet
Tokyo, September 2019 - October 2019
  • Creating materials and textures adaptable to different species of trees.
  • Applying generic materials to rocky environments.
  • Re-texturing hero cabin walls and door (inside / outside) for close-up.
  • Additional modeling.

Lead Texture Artist | Cinesite
Montréal, March 2018 - August 2018
  • Design the most efficient way to approach each project.
  • Manage texture team and writing tutorials.
  • Design complex materials (node based) to be used in multiple vehicles.
  • Texturing (organic / hard surface).

Senior Texture Artist | Sony Imageworks
Vancouver, September 2017 - February 2018
  • Texturing buildings and environmental objects with a unique style designed for the movie.

Senior Texture Artist | Digital Domain
Vancouver, September 2016 - August 2017
  • Texturing environments, hero vehicles and objects.
  • Additional look development.

Senior Texture Artist | Sony Imagewokrs
Vancouver, March 2016 - September 2016
  • Texturing environment objects with a semi-realistic style designed for this project.

Senior Surfacing Artist | ILM
Singapore, July 2015 - December 2015
  • Designing complex materials to be used masively on Chinese traditional buildings, based on the UV position of different elements.
  • Surfacing environments, objects and a digital double.
  • Additional modeling (hangar for unpublished project).

Senior Surfacing Artist | Iloura
Sydney, June 2014 - May 2015
  • Surfacing hero elements, including environments (interiors/exteriors), objects and an elephant with its carriage, matching the original movie sets with the reference material.

Environment Texture Artist (Surfacing) | Weta Digital
Wellington, April 2012 - November 2012
  • Surfacing environments and objects.
  • Design a realistic and complex forest ground with a propietary lookdev software.
  • Creating generic high resolution texture tiles (8k - 16k) for the team.

Senior Digital Artist (Surfacing) | Dr. D
Sydney, November 2010 - August 2011
  • Surfacing complex environments set in the Antarctic (mostly snow and ice), including painted/procedural displacements and some additional objects.

Senior Digital Artist (Surfacing) | Animal Logic
Sydney, June 2008 - June 2010
  • Surfacing environments / objects. Design reusable building materials (SP).
  • Surfacing many different objects (hero/background)(LODG).
  • Surfacing environments matching the original movie sets (Aus).

Senior Texture Artist | DNeg
London,April 2007 - April 2008
  • Texturing London downtown streets (floor) and part of the Millenium Bridge. Additional object modeling (HP6).
  • Creature texturing (organic/hard surface). Using Photoshop's actions to help texturing a massive amount of objects of the Golden Army (HB2).

Senior Texture Artist | MPC
London, August 2006 - April 2007
  • Texturing hero mammoth skin at very high resolution (legs and most of the body), tusks, eyes and harness.

Environment Surfacing Artist | Animal Logic
Sydney, June 2005 - July 2006
  • Surfacing complex environments set in the Antarctic, including painted / procedural displacements, and baking elements like shadows, subsurface scattering and hologram effects for the ice.